Ask for Support

Please refer to this document to understand how the Tiledesk team and the Tiledesk Community provides support for the free plans and the open source edition of Tiledesk software.

Urgent issues? Paid subscriptions

If you think your issue is urgent, then you have two choices:

I need Help but it's not so urgent

Use our forum

Patiently wait for an engineer to consider helping you.

If you opt for community's help instead of paid support, please notice that:

  1. When opening an issue, create a small, isolated, simple, reproduction of the issue using an online code editor (like replit, codepen, codesandbox etc.) if possible and a GitHub repository if not. The process may help you discover the underlying issue (or realize that it’s not an issue with the project). It will also make it easier for maintainers to help you resolve the problem.

  2. Your question must be well-documented and you should provide the minimum code required to reproduce the problem. When possible always provide a running example to that gives evidence of the issue.

  3. We do this in our spare time. Please respect our team.

  4. Just because it is urgent for you does mean that it is urgent for the whole Tiledesk product or community

  5. Please answer their questions patiently and help them try and understand your problem

  6. Being rude to them will not help you at all

  7. Please note that posting the same question in several channels will not help you

  8. Don't open a bug yet. When you ask in the channels or forums then devs or other community helpers will tell you if you really need to open an issue. Frequently if there really is a problem you won't be the first one to experience it, so always check the forum carefully for duplicates. Use lots of different search terms and make sure you check closed Issues as well (see below).

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