Email parameters and templates configuration

Use this information to configure the email services for the on-premise installation for outbound email to manage all emails sent from Tiledesk to users such as project invitations, email verification, subscriptions and notifications. Tiledesk uses NodeMailer to send the emails.

Enable the email subsystem

To enable the email service set the follow env property to true of your tiledesk-server component. The default value is false.

SMTP configuration

The following properties can be configured for the Outbound SMTP subsystem type:
  • EMAIL_HOST=YOUR_EMAIL_HOST Specifies the host name (defaults to "localhost") of the SMTP host, that is, the host name or IP address of the server to which email should be sent.
  • EMAIL_USERNAME=YOUR_EMAIL_USERNAME Specifies the user name of the account that connects to the smtp server.
  • EMAIL_SECURE=true #defaults to 587 if is secure is false or 465 if true If true the connection will use TLS when connecting to server. If false (the default) then TLS is used if server supports the STARTTLS extension. In most cases set this value to true if you are connecting to port 465. For port 587 or 25 keep it false.
  • EMAIL_PORT=25 Is the port to connect to (defaults to 587 if is secure is false or 465 if true)
  • EMAIL_PASSWORD=YOUR_SMTP_PASSWORD Specifies the password for the user name used in EMAIL_USERNAME.
  • EMAIL_FROM_ADDRESS=FROM_EMAIL_ADDRESS Specifies the email address from which email notifications are sent. This setting is for emails that are not triggered by a user, for example, activity notification emails.
  • EMAIL_BASEURL= This is the dashboard endpoint. Default value is :

Email template configuration

In Tiledesk you can customize the emails template using the following env variables (multiline strings) of your tiledesk-server component :
  • EMAIL_ASSIGN_REQUEST_HTML_TEMPLATE Email sent to notify a new request in the assigned mode.
  • EMAIL_POOLED_REQUEST_HTML_TEMPLATE Email sent to notify a new request in the pooled mode.
  • EMAIL_RESET_PASSWORD_HTML_TEMPLATE Email sent when a user reset the password.
  • EMAIL_PASSWORD_CHANGED_HTML_TEMPLATE Email sent when the password is changed.
  • EMAIL_EXUSER_INVITED_HTML_TEMPLATE Email sent when a agent invites an existing platform user.
  • EMAIL_NEWUSER_INVITED_HTML_TEMPLATE Email sent when a agent invites a new user.
  • EMAIL_VERIFY_HTML_TEMPLATE Email sent when an agent signup on the platform.
  • EMAIL_SEND_TRANSCRIPT_HTML_TEMPLATE If the property "Transcript by email" is enabled this email is sent automatically at the end of each chat to the requester.
You can find the default email templates under the template/email folder of the tiledesk-server project
Please refer to these guides for multi-line env variables: