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Chat21 channel configuration

Tiledesk uses Chat21 as messaging platform. Refer to Architecture overview to undestand the product's modules. In detail the tiledesk-server component uses Chat21 channel for sending chat messages, creating groups, etc.
So in order to correctly configure your Tiledesk installation you MUST configure the following properties:
  • FIREBASE_PRIVATE_KEY. You can get it here. It is in the form: -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\ABCD78261TGV...HGAGBA82727\n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----. More info about firebase private key here.
  • FIREBASE_CLIENT_EMAIL. You can get it here. It is in the form: firebase-adminsdk-******@************
  • FIREBASE_PROJECT_ID. Get it here.
  • FIREBASE_APIKEY. Get it here.
  • FIREBASE_AUTHDOMAIN. Get it here. It is in the form:
  • FIREBASE_DATABASEURL. Get it here. It is in the form:
  • FIREBASE_STORAGEBUCKET. You can find it here. It is in the form:
  • FIREBASE_MESSAGINGSENDERID. Get it here. A unique numerical value created when you create your Firebase project, available in the Cloud Messaging tab of the Firebase console Settings pane.
  • CHAT21_ENABLED. Enable Chat21 channel with true value.
  • FIREBASE_APP_ID. Get it here.
  • CHAT21_URL. Get it here. It is in the form:
  • CHAT21_ENGINE. Enter the default value firebase
  • CHAT21_APPID. Enter the default value tilechat
  • CHAT21_ADMIN_TOKEN. The Chat21 admin token. The default value is chat21-secret-orgAa,. See here to change it.
You can find other information regarding the env variable here: