In this section we list all developer tutorials available for the Tiledesk platform.

Having all the tutorials listed in a single page is a good way to get a global vision of all the amazing things that you can do with Tiledesk.

Connect Telegram Channel Tutorial

This integration allows you to connect your company's Telegram bot to your Tiledesk account, thus creating a tunnel between the two platforms. Therefore customers can reach your support simply by writing to your Telegram bot and these messages will be delivered to the Tiledesk webchat, along with messages from other channels.

Telegram integration Tutorial

Custom Authentication Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you to a deep look of Tiledesk custom (and secure) JWT authentication for your end-users. This tutorial is a fully-functional, full-stack application (backend+frontend) deployed on replit with nodeJS (backend) and HTML+Javascript (frontend).

Custom authentication Tuturial

To get a taste of the final result you can find the live web application up and running at this url:


Hide Widget tutorial

A very simple tutorial to hide the widget when no agent is available. Good to learn the basics of Widget SDK (and some Tiledesk APIs too).

Widget - Hide widget

Conversation-embedded apps, Quick start

A quick start, introductory tutorial to conversation-embedded apps. You will learn how to implement a basic conversation-embedded application. It's a skeleton App that will show you the basic principles, architecture and APIs involved in the development of a simple conversation-embedded application.

Widget - Payment App Tutorial

Conversation-embedded apps, prechat form during chat

Do you want a more customizable prechat form? Do you want the user to play with your chatbot and ask his personal data only when needed (i.e. during human handoff)? With this tutorial you'll learn how to setup a minimum and fully functional prechat form that appears in the conversation only when the user is bored with your chatbot and would like to chat with a human!

Prechat form App Tutorial

External Chatbots Tutorials

Resolution Bot Tutorials

REST APIs Tutorials

Webhooks Tutorials

This section proposes a set of tutorial to show some common tasks you can address using this feature.

The main purpose of webhooks is call a user-defined action (in the form of an HTTP endpoint) when specific Tiledesk events occur.

The first tutorial Custom Request assignment addresses an custom assignment every time a new request is moved to a Department's pooled routing schema.

The second tutorial Request transcript on close shows how you can get your chat transcript on each closing operation (i.e. for the purpose of sending it to your remote CRM to synchronize conversations)

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