Components list

Components list

Read the component readme files for more information.

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  • Tiledesk Server: This is the server engine of Tiledesk written in NodeJs and Express - MIT license.

  • Tiledesk Dashboard: This is the dashboard webapp for managing the Tiledesk platform written in Angular - MIT license.

  • Tiledesk Deployment: Tiledesk containerized deployment with Helm + Kubernetes and Docker Compose - MIT license

Mobile apps


Chat21 Messaging engine

Tiledek supports two Chat21 engines:

RabbitMQ + MQTT engine

Firebase engine

  • Chat21 Cloud Functions. Firebase cloud functions for Chat21. It's the server engine of Chat21 hosted on Google Firebase - MIT license

Web Clients

  • Chat21 Web Widget. Live Chat Widget built with Firebase and Angular4 for customer support - MIT license

  • Chat21 Ionic Web App. A ionic v5 and Angular 8 desktop and mobile chat used by agents - MIT license


Mobile SDKs

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