Create a Firebase project

Create a project

Step 1 : Go to‚Äč

Step 2 : If you have a Firebase account, Sign in, else create an account

Step 3 : Click on Get Started

Step 4 : Click on Create a Project

Step 5 : Enter Project name and tick mark the checkbox to accept Firebase terms.

Step 6 : Click on Continue

Create an app

Step 7: Click on Add Firebase to your web app

Step 12 : Enter App nickname

Step 13 : Click on Register app

Step 14 : Here is your apiKey, authDomain and databaseURL.

Create a realtime database

Step 15 : Click on Database

Step 16 : In Real time Database , Click on Create database

Step 17 : Click on Enable

Create a Storage

Step 19: Click on Storage from left menu

Step 20: click on Get Started

Step 21: Click on Next.

Set as public access like this:

service {
match /b/{bucket}/o {
match /{allPaths=**} {
allow read, write

Step 22 : Click on Done

Create an SDK Firebase admin account

Step 23 : Go to project setting

Step 24 : Under on Service Account tab, click on Generate new private key button

Step 25. Open the private key with a text editor and view the parameters

Get the Cloud Function URL

Step 26. Under Functions tab get the Chat21 Cloud Function URL

Enable Anonymous authentication

Step 27 Under Authentication menu enable Anonymous authentication.